Monty sandslug’s illustrated guide to JUNKWOOD

by Duffey

Monty Sandslug's illustrated guide to Junkwood - cover


32+ pages of wacky toons with ridiculous explanations!

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What is Junkwood?

Crafted from rusting metal, rotting timber and other discarded debris; Junkwood is a sight to behold—a visual wonder, an engineering feat. 

Alas, many a wanderer has attempted to enter Junkwood—to stand in awe of its recycling efforts, to marvel at its ingenuity, to feel its textures and bask in its mechanical ambience.

But, one does not simply stroll into Junkwood … unless, of course, one is Monty Sandslug.

This gorgeously illustrated 40-page guide to the rustic and sustainable world of Junkwood will leave the reader utterly flabbergasted and in awe of Monty Sandslug - a pioneer, adventurer and bon-vivant for the new age.

Viscount Elspeth Fogbloater of Blue Cheese Manor*

This book ... well, what can I say? Visually appealing and an easy read. A terrific addition to the farrago of boutique publications that clutters my vintage coffee table.

Chaz McStain, Lower Windershot*

*The testimonials on this website are fictitious. But you knew that, right?


32+ pages of wacky toons with ridiculous explanations!

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Book specs

Author/artist: Paul J. Duffield
40 pages, printed offset
Softcover staple bound
11 x 8.5 inches landscape
Colour cover
Black and white interior
ISBN: 9780645152302

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